Realworld P.D.S. - Personal Defense Solutions
Realworld Personal Defense Solutions is dedicated to providing the valuable tools, and training needed to help good people overcome when faced with bad people and bad situations.  We offer a wide array of firearms and personal protection courses.  From introductory courses, to more advanced offerings, in everything from rifle to handgun, to edged weapons, improvised weapons, and hand to hand combat.  

For those with a mindset to do whatever it takes to protect our family's lives, or our own lives, knowledge is good, mindset is good, determination is good, but none of these things equals skill!  Only by applying these attributes in a safe and practical manner during training can we acquire the skill to successfully operate in a dynamic and intense moment when every second counts.  You have the interest....
Next, get some training!!
You are invited to come learn the difference between traditional marksmanship, and actually defending yourself with a weapon in our firearms curriculum.  Please see the "Class Information" page for more details!  We must crawl before we can walk, walk before we can run, and run before we can sprint.  For this reason we offer a wide variety of classes for all skill levels and in multiple systems of martial self preservation.

We offer Utah Concealed Carry Permits.  Our course includes Notary, Fingerprinting and photo, Weapons Familiarity Certification, as well as discussing Utah and Federal law.  Ask us about group rates, and taking the class in the privacy of your own home!

Our staff is also NRA certified to teach the NRA Basic Pistol course, as well as the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course
Basic pistol will help the beginner understand the basic fundamentals of hand guns, learn the concepts of safe gun handling, proper technique and form, topped off with one-on-one shooting instruction at the range.   This is also an excellent refresher course for the seasoned shooter.
Personal Protection in the Home teaches you step-by-step, how to safe-guard your home.  In addition, we cover much of the defensive pistol information from the Basic Pistol course.  We discuss safe rooms, making a plan in the event of a vital, critical incident, and much more.
We are also proud to be an NRA recruiter!! The NRA is the first line of defense in keeping our 2nd Amendment rights secure.  Please let us know if you would like us to sign you up for an Express Membership today!
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